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Francis Koerber began his first career in music at the age of five. His studies and interests brought him to play the pipe organ along with music composition. He took up studying both in college. This launched his career as a choirmaster and organist and served in various capacities in parish churches and the Basilica in Baltimore for many years.


In his teens, he took interest in piano tuning and technical work, and also began developing his skills in the production of fine art, and after graduating high school worked as an apprentice carpenter, painter, roofer, construction worker where he caught the wood bug.


In the 1990’s he then took interest in computers (specifically Macintosh and developing a PC based music performing system (The Accompanist). About that time he also began crafting fine rosaries. In 2013 he started creating wood sculptures using layered hardwood. From that blossomed his business in creating and selling puzzles and toys.



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