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Coming up with a good corporate or product brand logo is not an easy task. One must consider the type of market (tech, toy, education, etc.), how it will be used (online, print, packaging, etc.) color scheme, reproducibility, brand conformity (does it naturally communicate a products identity) and more.


Over the years I have created brands for various people, companies and projects. Here are some case studies.



Case Study 1 : Data Voice Exchange

My brother has a company that did both digital and analog data management with telephones. He needed something that said exactly that. Digital is represented in saw tooth (square) waves and analogue in sine (round) waves. He was the rare breed that did both in the heyday of oncoming digital technology. If you follow the two colors, they intersect at the ‘center’ of the logo, the ‘center’ of my brother’s business, and the ‘x’ in the word exchange describes that point of intersection perfectly.


Oh. I forgot to mention. His domain name is… not DVE. This logo actually makes you think that his initials are DVX even though it obviously isn’t.





Case Study 2 : Floosiga Vector Art Designs

In the early 2000’s I created about 400 or so vector illustrations that were geometric designs which are very colorful and are useable in many different ways, especially as textile designs. I also sold a number of them as giclee prints on canvas. The endeavor of floosiga was to be nothing but fun, colorful and entertaining. It was to interest younger children in mathematics; vectors, polyhedra cut-outs and models, explosive color pallets and free wheeling design all in a playful atmosphere. I even had my children creating these works and printed one of each of their own works on canvas for each child. The name ‘floosiga’ is derived from the German phrase ‘Fluesigga Kuensta’, which means fluid or flowing art.


This was the three color logo I developed for that endeavor.




Case Study 3 : Cities Cupcake Boutique

This case study involved a startup which meant the whole kitten kaboodle: corporate brand, suite, inside and outside store signage, website, labels, etc. The cupcakes each sported a ‘city theme’.




Case Study 4 : BrandCrawler

Working with Alabanza Corporation, I developed this brand for a web application that allowed corporations to do website crawling with a spider bot to uncover illegal use of their brand name called domain squatting.





Case Study 5 : Teton Virtuoso

A brand that I created for marketing myself as a performer in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.





Case Study 6 : Control Panel Icons for BulkRegister

GUI design for control panel icons within the member user application for managing domain names.





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