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Our apartment is somewhat small. There is the main living area which is all one room: Living room, dining room and kitchen. Then you go up the stairs and the bathroom is on the right before you go into the master bedroom.


corner desk with shelves

corner desk with shelves

So, the ‘office’ (computer, printer, scanner and accessories has to be in the LR. What to do?


For a year we had it on a small kitchen table under the main window. Ugly.


A few days ago I stumbled upon a corner desk in a thrift store. It is nothing special, and cost me 30 dollars. Since it had to be in my living room, my son John and I started brainstorming about a good configuration. After tossing around a few ideas, we came up with this one.


I wanted the look to be more sleek and attractive and less bulky than a regular corner shelf installation, or one of those ubiquitous computer desk stations made out of particle board.


So here is our solution. A simple tiered, three shelf install (each wall mounted) without any ugly metal brackets or stupid looking supports. It takes up very little room compared to the kitchen table we had (which always becomes a surface that gathers junk).


I like it.

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