Piano Tuner/Technician

In my final year in high school I invested in the basic piano tuning kit and started tuning my own piano. Not long after that I was hired as a tuner and technician for The Piano Man in Baltimore, Md. From there I went onto work for the Baldwin Company and refined my tuning skills under their expert blind tuner. Warfield Piano company also employed me for tuning.






Macintosh Computer Network Tech

When Macintosh computers appeared in the 80’s, I purchased my first SE which ran on a floppy disk. I was managing my own company (FluidArts), and leaned heavily into publication design using the Adobe line of products. FluidArts served many non profits, businesses and government organizations including The Health Care Financing Administration, Catholic Relief Services, Graphicus Corporation, Dilworth Design (The Metropolitan, Folgers Shakespeare Library, The Phillips Collection) and many others.

Years later I was hired by Cadmus Journal Services, a division of Cadmus Communications, as the Electronic Communications Manager. From there I went on to be VIP of New Media for Novack/Birch design agency, and then Marketing Manager/Senior Graphic Designer/Webmaster for Alabanza Corporation and BulkRegister LLC. In this last position I purchased and set up a network of Macintosh computers for the marketing department, maintained the software and CMS.

Today I am still an avid customer of Mac computers and use the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, Sibelius and a host of other software applications.

Webhosting Tech

Today I maintain a dozen websites including UNIX hosting, domain name management, email accounts, analytics, ftp access, galleries, ecommerce and social media platforms.