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teton mountain range : miniature sculpture

I just finished this today, my first miniature wood carving of the Teton Mountains. It utilizes five types of wood:


sky: fir (lightly stained in blue)

mountains: mahogany

background field: black walnut

foreground field: alder

frame: reclaimed cherry


It has a matte lacquer finish and is about 8 inches wide.




price: $499

Teton Mountains Miniature

Teton Mountains Miniature



he was despised

for satb choir (a cappella, div.)

I composed this piece years ago. This is a new arrangement that is for a cappella voices, and is very demanding of any choir who would take up performing it. This is because it has long sustained notes around which there exists a very close intervalic harmonic structure. Performed in a church with a very live acoustic is really the only way to present this piece most effectively.


He Was Despised (SATB) title page

He Was Despised (SATB) title page

Another version of this piece is available on my website (, and it can be performed by a children’s chorus with one or two voices. It is also available in Latin, although I have not published it yet in that form.


Go to Web Page | Hear A Simulation | See A Preview of the Score

heaven is open for us

for satb choir (a cappella)

About 20 years ago I composed this setting of the words taken from a famous work by Mary of Agreda called ‘City of God’. It is a four volume set of the life of Jesus Christ. In it is the account of the ‘Transfixion’ and in particular a scene where John, the beloved disciple of Jesus, comes back to the Cenacle (the upper room) where Mary and the rest of the disciples took lodging during the Passion.


Exceprt from 'City of God' by Venerable Mary of Agreda

Exceprt from ‘City of God’ by Venerable Mary of Agreda, Transfixion


He returns to report what had happened to Jesus and to try to prepare Our Dear Lady for the assault of his description. Here is a caption of that page.


Upon reading this passage, I was very moved by the words the Virgin gave in response to hearing what John had to report. Those words of Mary comprise the text for this piece.


It is available for preview and purchase on the KOERBER PUBLICATIONS website (, and in particular on this web page.


You may hear a vocal simulation by pressing the play button here.